Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Call Me Queen!

I love facebook! Through facebook I have connected with several friends from long ago. I have many different buckets of friends...the church friends bucket, the work friends bucket, the college friends bucket, the high school friends bucket and then the "don't know how to classify it" bucket. That last bucket includes my former husband's ex-girlfriend....yeah, hard to put a label on that bucket!

Anyway, not only are facebook friends connecting, but we are also interacting with each other. Friends are able to send things to one another...such as little gifts for your profile page or a quiz. There is an assortment of quizzes to choose from. After you have finished said quiz you can then compare your results to that of your friends. I took one of these quizzes recently. It was called "Which Mighty Woman of the Bible are you most like?" The quiz asks you a variety of questions and then somehow magically determines which mighty woman of the Bible you are in fact most like. I could certainly guess....the woman at the well comes to mind, always searching for more or maybe Hannah as we both so desired to be a mom, maybe Sarah as I am constantly trying to help God out much like she did with the whole Hagar thing...that didn't work out too well. But all of my guesses were wrong!

My result? Esther. Hmm. Esther was a queen. A great queen.

Here is what the quiz said I am like: Esther: You have a charisma; a way of having favor with people. You are beautiful in spirit, and when you are in dire situations, you tend to seek God to find your courage to overcome them. When the need arises, you will stand firm in your faith. You are true royalty, with your humble & gentle spirit you maintain, in spite of your obvious popularity.

Double hmmm. I've certainly got something, but I'm not sure it could be called charisma. I pray that God will make me beautiful in spirit and I have some beautiful moments...but I also have some not so pretty moments. I have a cousin who is beautiful in spirit. She loves everybody with a genuine love, always so sweet and loving. I do seek God with all my heart when I am in dire situations, but again I'm a little more like Sarah at times, racing ahead of God. Humble and gentle....not two words I would use to describe me. And finally popular. Well, who am I to argue with the results of a facebook quiz! Just call me Queen Krista.

Although obviously inaccurate, I encourage all of you that are facebook users to find this quiz and take it. For those of you not on facebook, think about which mighty woman of the Bible you think you are most like! I would love to hear about all the mighty women out in blog land!